Up Front

I assume that anyone considering a ghost writer or a manuscript editor for their story or novel would have throughly researched these subjects. If not, I strongly suggest you do; not only the definitions of these somewhat ambiguous terms, but also some of the websites that offer such services. 

In over twenty years of being a professional writer -- defined as someone who actually makes their living from writing -- I’ve found thousands of hustlers with websites calling themselves literary agents, publishers, book promoters and/or publicists, as well as ghost writers and manuscript editors, who will take your money and give you nothing but promises and lies at worst, or useless “services” at best.

In regard to ghost writing, and since there are many definitions, it should be understood that the service I offer is to polish and improve existing manuscripts, not to create stories or novels based on someone’s idea or outline. In other words, if you haven’t already written your story or novel and want someone to write it for you based only on your idea or an outline, you’ll have to go ghost hunting elsewhere.

In regard to manuscript editing, the definition I apply is checking spelling, punctuation, correcting words or the meaning of words -- for example: “see” mistakenly spelled as “sea,” or “extinct” mistakenly used for “distinct” -- and suggesting corrections in syntax or grammar while maintaining an author’s own style and keeping such suggestions in context with that style.

No Magic Bullet

Read this twice: Having your novel or story ghost written or edited by anyone is NO guarantee that it will be accepted by a literary agent or will ever be published. 

And if anyone representing themselves as a ghost writer or manuscript editor promises you it will be, grab your wallet and RUN, do not walk, to the nearest exit as fast as you can.

Speaking for myself, here is what I CAN’T do for you:

#1. Re-read the above paragraph a third time. Better yet, memorize it.

#2. Find or suggest a literary agent for you.

#3. Find or suggest a publisher for your work.

My Qualifications

I see no point in condensing here what can be found by doing a Google for my name. That’s called research. And there are certainly enough examples of my work on this site for someone to decide if they feel I’m qualified -- or not -- to ghost write or edit their story or novel. In addition, excerpts from all my published books may be read for free on Amazon in their Kindle editions.

Genres And Subject Matter

Fiction only. Stories or novels in most genres, and ranging from young teen to adult.

Most interested in working with authors who aren’t afraid of challenging stereotypes... though such work is harder to sell and probably won’t be very successful in the mainstream market.

Not usually interested in pre-teen or young children’s stories or books for kids below seventh grade level... though I have made exceptions.

Not at all interested in erotic work written only to titillate; any form of pornography; gratuitous violence, violence encouraging or glorifying violence; anything hatefully racial or promoting hate based on race, religion, sex or size.

The best way to judge if my service might be right for you is to read some of my books and stories.


Query letter first. Tell me a little about yourself and what you hope to accomplish, both by writing and in your life. Include as an attachment, in RTF format only (see Format), either your story or the first chapter of your novel and let that speak for itself. You will not get a free critique of your work! The purpose of your sample is for me to decide whether or not I feel I could work for you. Do not send anything else until I reply.

If you want a critique, I charge a flat-rate of $100.00 USD (see Payment For Services) to critique a story or a novel first chapter (unless either is unreasonably long) and this fee may be applied to ghost writing or editing services -- for the same story or novel -- should you wish to proceed with those.

Payment must be received (see Payment For Services) before I will write a critique.

Length of critique for a story or novel first chapter averages between one and two single-spaced pages. I do not critique entire novels.

Do not deposit funds in PayPal until I reply that I am able to open and read your attachment.


I can only accept manuscripts in RTF (Rich Text Format). Almost all word-processing programs can convert to RTF while retaining the basics such as italics, text centering, and bold lettering... which are all you need for a manuscript.

Your edited/ghost written manuscript will be returned to you in RTF, after which you can convert it to any format you wish.

I do not do formatting for hard-copy print-out or ebook uploading.

I do not accept hard-copy manuscripts. If your work is only on paper you will have to scan it or have it scanned and convert it to RTF if you want to send it to me.

Your Satisfaction

A logical question for you to ask -- and I’d be surprised if you didn’t -- is, what if you’re not happy with my work, or feel that what I've done is the reason you can't find an agent or publisher for your manuscript?

Many ghost writing providers seem to tap-dance around that question, but what applies here is your accepting responsibility for your own decisions. If you chose to have me critique your story or novel chapter, you paid for my professional opinion... which you obviously thought worth something based on your own research. If you didn’t agree with my opinion, why would you want me to work on your manuscript?

Additionally (as explained in Terms) you will be charged for my services based on thirds of your manuscript, so if you aren't happy with the first third, why would you want me work on the other two-thirds?

If you haven’t yet memorized No Magic Bullet, you had better do so now.


First, another warning about finding a ghost writer or manuscript editor: virtually NO professional -- defined as someone who makes their living by writing and/or editing -- including me, is going to make any kind of deal to wait until your book or story is sold then hope to be paid a percentage of the advance and/or royalties. (You might want to memorize this, too.)

I charge by the manuscript page, not by the hour. After all, how would you know what I (or any other ghost writer or editor) might be doing with the hours you’re paying for? Watering the lawn? Sitting on the toilet? ...Or maybe working on our own book or story?

Critiques must be paid for in advance.

Ghost Writing: Payment in thirds and in advance. For example, if you have a 300 page novel you pay for the first 100 pages in advance, then if you approve of that work, you pay for the next 100 pages in advance, and likewise for the last 100 pages.

Manuscript editing: Same terms as above.

Do not deposit funds in PayPal until I reply that I was able to open and read your attachment.

Rates For Services

Critique: $100.00 USD to critique a story or novel first chapter. I do not critique entire novels. If your story or novel chapter is so long that it requires more of my time than $100.00 can compensate for, I will tell you up front before you pay anything. This fee entitles you to one (1) round of discussion -- one (1) round of emails -- in regard to my critique and suggestions in regard to that story or novel chapter. In other words, I'm not going to discuss your story or novel or ways to improve it for ever after. If you decide you want me to ghost write for you, the critique fee will be deducted, but if you rewrite the story or chapter yourself and want a critique of that, it's back to square one.

Ghost Writing: (as defined at the top of this page) $50.00 USD per manuscript page (double-spaced, as would be required when submitting a manuscript to any agent or publisher).

Manuscript Editing: (as defined at the top of this page) $50.00 USD per manuscript page (double-spaced, as would be required when submitting a manuscript to any agent or publisher).

Do not deposit funds in PayPal until I reply that I was able to open and read your attachment.

Is ghost writing a better deal because in addition to editing you’re getting my creative input? That’s for you to decide. Some writers feel that, except for typos, spelling and punctuation errors, the use of a few improper words (or the misuse of proper ones) and lapses in grammar or syntax, their work is otherwise ready to be seen by an agent or publisher.

And some writers want to self-publish, usually as ebooks these days, and feel they’ve said what they want to say in the way they want to say it.

Method Of Payment

Payment for services must be made though PayPal and in U.S. dollars (USD). I will do no work until such payment has cleared and been credited to me by PayPal.

Do not deposit funds in PayPal until I reply that I was able to open and read your attachment.

The Right Spook For You?

Hopefully this page plus your own research has given you enough information to make an informed decision as to whether or not I'm the right spook for you.