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Magic Rats

The author of the internationally-acclaimed novels, Way Past Cool, Six Out Seven and Babylon Boyz offers up in Magic Rats four stories and two novellas, which range in setting from the Australian outback (Dreamtime Story), and the Arizona desert (Magic Rats), to the West Oakland, California ghetto (Crusader Rabbit and One Way), to the old French Quarter of New Orleans (The Tour), to the middle-class suburbia of Sunnyvale, California (White Elephant). Though vastly different in locale and situation, the multi-racial characters face the universal challenges of young males coming-of-age, whether they're Voodoo apprentices, runaways from bad foster homes, outlaws due to isolation, or orphans living on their own. And whether fighting drug-addiction, prejudice and discrimination (not only based on color or race but also sometimes upon weight), attacks from brutal predators (who walk on two legs as well as four), and/or a savage environment, struggle to find themselves as well as become real human-beings in all the best senses of the term. As Henry James once said: "Three things are important for human life; the first is to be kind, the second is to be kind, and the third is to be kind." And it often takes courage to be kind, especially when life would be easier by surrendering what one knows to be right and accepting all the wrongs of the world as things that will never change. As in all Jess Mowry's works, the characters are real young teens with all their adolescent traits, whether noble and idealistic, or earthy, sweaty, smelly and randy, presented as they honestly are; and in whom most people of any age who've managed to survive those years will surely recognize as being, at least in part, themselves.